Koole Terminals announces “rapid expansion of renewable storage tanks”

Koole Terminals has expanded its set of renewable storage tanks in Liverpool, UK.

The company said that, as a major player, it knows it can and must make a major contribution to the energy transition process.

The Liverpool project was delivered last June, the organisation added. With an experienced and well-oiled team, Koole converted and prepared four storage tanks for a leading international client in record time. These are Koole’s first tanks prepared specifically to store this sustainable renewable feedstock.

The decision to convert the tanks for renewable feedstock was already in motion, as a means to respond to (future) market demand.

“At the right time, a suitable customer arrived to deploy the project for,” said Virgil Veira, sales manager multi-product terminals (KPT) at Koole.

In consultation with the customer, specific modifications were made to tailor the project. For example, when converting and adapting the storage tanks, ship pumps, unloading points and the right insulation were added.

“We as a team are very proud of the result,” added Ronald Thonissen, operations manager MPT. The customer has already expressed a desire for more tanks like these, Koole said.

The project was born out of market demand, to provide partners with an infrastructure to create and store renewable feedstock streams.

“We as Koole can facilitate and secure supply for the production of renewable fuels,” added Virgil.

“This way, we support the energy transition and are a key component in the chain,” said Thonissen.

This supply chain solution is an example of how Koole’s service becomes an integral part of renewable fuel production, according to the firm. “The added value for our customer is that they now have access to UK feedstock to collect and safely store UCO (used cooking oil) in bulk,” said Virgil.

The solution provided also offers a means to filter the collected oil, making it easier to process in their factories.