Brenntag Essentials signs exclusive agreement with UPM Biochemicals

Brenntag, a global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has announced a sole distribution agreement for Europe with UPM Biochemicals for UPMBioPura™, its sustainable bio mono-ethylene glycol (Bio-MEG).

Bio-MEG can be used in a variety of applications, including polymers, coolants, textiles and a broad range of other use-cases.

UPM invests €1,180 million to build the world’s first industrial scale biorefinery in Leuna, Germany, where sustainably sourced, certified hardwood will be converted into next-generation biochemicals that will enable the vital shift away from fossil-based to renewable materials across a wide range of industries.

UPM BioPura™ will be produced from certified hardwood obtained from regional forests around Leuna. The biomass does not compete with food resources and will provide manufacturers with a viable option to progress towards their net zero targets and significantly reduce their scope 3 emissions* by switching effortlessly from fossil-based ingredients to a renewable, drop-in solution.

“Brenntag is making significant progress towards its goal of furthering the distribution of sustainable chemicals. We are intensively field-testing new technologies to drive this change forward and are working closely with supply partners like UPM to offer our customers the best possible bio-based alternatives to established chemicals and ingredients to lower carbon emissions” commented Wolfgang Edel, senior manager sustainable products and solutions at Brenntag.

Brenntag Essentials was selected for the market launch of UPM BioPura™ in Europe because of its highly diversified geographic, industry and product spread.

“As we evaluated potential partners, we were impressed by Brenntag’s strong distribution network across Europe, as well as its holistic approach to sustainability,” explained Michael Duetsch, vice president biochemicals at UPM.

“Brenntag has demonstrated that they can market, deliver, and promote the advantages of sustainable solutions. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration and to opening up new channels for our products that serve a wide range of industries and applications.”