Brenntag Essentials opens operations site in Maurice, Louisiana, US

Brenntag, a global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has announced the opening of its new facility in Maurice, Louisiana, US.

Strategically positioned along the US Gulf Coast, the Maurice site is located south of Lafayette, Louisiana and will be the primary operations hub for Coastal Chemical, a Brenntag Group company, in addition to serving other areas in the region.

Equipped with expanded warehousing, storage and automated product production, the showpiece of the 63-acre complex will be a 5,000 square foot Innovation & Application Centre designed to meet the demand and challenges of the dynamic deepwater production for Brenntag customers in the energy industry.

Scott Leibowitz, president of Brenntag Essentials North America, commented: “It is important for Brenntag to provide our customers with local services and last mile distribution excellence. Investing in this new facility enables us to foster Brenntag’s resilience in this market against the background of shifts on the global energy sector and supports the Brenntag energy service platform in North America.”

“This investment represents Brenntag’s commitment to providing technology-based solutions to the energy industry along the Gulf Coast and beyond,” added Blake Willis, president of Coastal Chemical. “It strengthens Coastal Chemical and Brenntag’s presence in the attractive South Louisiana area and allows for continued operational excellence and industry leading services, while helping our customers produce energy in an efficient and safe manner.”