Chemical Business Association welcomes UK REACH announcement

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has welcomed the announcement today, from the UK Government on UK REACH and the alternative transitional registration model (ATRm).

After two years of indefatigable lobbying and negotiating with Government on behalf of members, the chemical supply chain and wider chemical industry, the hard work the CBA has undertaken in conjunction with its partners, including other associations and industry as a whole, has led to this very significant step, said the CBA.

The statement from Government highlights the importance of ‘adopting a more targeted approach’ and not implementing ‘a complete replica of all the registration of all chemical substances held under EU REACH,’ which is precisely what the CBA has consistently impressed upon Government, it added.

Commenting, Tim Doggett, CEO of the CBA, said “The latest announcement regarding UK REACH is what we have been campaigning for since December 2021. The uncertainty around UK REACH continues to stifle investment and have a negative impact not just on the chemical industry, but industry as a whole and its ability to trade, innovate and grow.”

“The chemical industry touches all facets of our everyday lives, so the implications of UK REACH are not just the implementation costs, which are estimated by DEFRA to be around £2 billion and as much as £3.5 billion, but also the impact on the ability of business as a whole to be competitive in a global market.”

“Whilst the latest announcement is very encouraging and a step in the right direction, there does still remain significant work to be done, to make UK REACH proportionate, effective, and efficient, for industry and regulators alike. We look forward to hearing from Government about the fuller details of the policy in early 2024, as we continue to collaborate with our partners.”

The CBA will continue to play a vital role in campaigning for effective legislative changes regarding the ongoing concerns of UK REACH.