New SAF storage unit under construction

A new sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) storage unit is being built at Koole Tankstorage Botlek.

After a preparatory period in which engineering, research and discussions with customers came together, Koole Terminals has decided to invest in a second distillation unit in the PID where SAF will be produced.

Michiel Flier, business unit director at KTB, said: “We have successfully been distilling SAF with our current unit for three years. We are increasing our production from just under 200,000 tons to about 650,000 tons of feedstock per year. A new milestone for Koole and a great step forwards towards sustainable aviation.”

Construction of the new unit has already begun.

He added: “The main driver for us, of course, is the mandate from the EU for blending bio jet fuel into regular jet fuel. By 2030, 6% bio jet fuel must be blended into jetfuel. Right now, installations are being built all over the world to meet that demand.
“We already have the facilities, knowledge and experience. Our new unit will be operational in early 2025, so we can also scale up quickly.”