Vervaeke steps into the world of cryogenics

Vervaeke, a European leader in tank transport for the chemical and petrochemical sectors, will handle the distribution of air gases, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen for Messer in the Benelux.
The Belgian group is taking an important step towards a key role in gas distribution.

 From 2025, the company will ensure the complete distribution of deep-cooled gases (argon, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2) as well as helium and hydrogen. The activities will build up in stages during this year. 

Messer produces and supplies oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, welding protection gases, specialty gases, medical gases and a wide range of gas mixtures. The Messer Group is one of the largest producers of industrial gases in Asia, America and Europe, and the only major player still a 100% privately owned company in which the family values of the founders are still felt.

Annett Beier, managing director Messer Benelux, commented: “We look forward to a future collaboration with Vervaeke. The like-minded company values, the vision for the future and the proximity of them to our resources and customers were crucial elements to enter into this cooperation with confidence.” 

Serge De Wolf, managing director at Vervaeke, explained: “This contract is an absolute milestone for VERVAEKE as a group. It will allow us to play an important role in this demanding speciality. Our goal has long been to become a leading player in gas distribution alongside our chemical activities and our Belux fuel distribution. We are therefore delighted to enter into this partnership with Messer.”