Vopak commissions 40,000 cbm capacity for bio-bunkering in Singapore

Vopak has successfully commissioned 40,000 cubic metres of capacity at its Sebarok terminal for blending of biofuels into marine fuels.

The existing pipeline system was also converted to a dedicated biofuel blending service.
Vopak’s Sebarok terminal is located close to Singapore’s eastern anchorage, where a large part of bunkering activity takes place.

Since 2022, Vopak has been conducting multiple biofuel trials with its customers. In response to increasing demand for biofuel blending and storage solutions, Vopak’s Sebarok terminal has the potential to repurpose part of the existing capacity to biofuels.

On this development, Rob Boudestijn, president of Business Unit Singapore, said: “Our vision for Sebarok terminal is to be a sustainable multi-fuels hub to strengthen Singapore’s position as the top bunkering hub. As a storage and critical infrastructure services provider, this development can facilitate

the entry of more biofuels companies to diversify the supply chain for marine biofuels and accelerate the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.”

Vopak is accelerating its global portfolio investments towards new energies and sustainable feedstocks for which it has allocated €1billion in growth capital by 2030.

This will not only shape the future of Vopak, but also positively contribute to the transition within key industrial clusters and shaping of the energy hubs of the future.
In this, Vopak focusses to develop new infrastructure solutions in the areas of

low-carbon and renewable hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC), CO2, sustainable fuels and feedstocks, and long duration energy storage.