COO of Leschaco Group Oliver Oestreich to retire

The Leschaco Group’s chief operating officer Oliver Oestreich retires shortly.

Oestreich has been a forming figure of the global logistics service provider for over 21 years, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success.

During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in expanding the Leschaco Group’s global footprint and fostering a culture of excellence within the organisation.

“We feel gratitude to Oliver for his valued contributions and exemplary leadership over the past two decades,” said Constantin Conrad, CEO of Leschaco Group. “His vision, integrity and passion have been key in shaping the development of the company and positioning us for continued success.”

Following Oestreich’s retirement, Nils Fahrenholz will assume the role, effective on April 1.

Fahrenholz brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership within the Leschaco Group.

Having served in various management positions, he is well prepared to lead the company into its next phase of growth.  
“Nils Fahrenholz’s appointment as COO marks a significant milestone for the Leschaco Group,” remarked Constantin Conrad.

“Nils is one of us. He started his career with Leschaco and so his deep understanding of our company and business, combined with his innovative approach and steadfast commitment to our values, make him the ideal fit for this role and the succession of Oliver.”

“I am honoured and excited to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer at Leschaco Group,” said Fahrenholz. “I am deeply committed to build on the strong foundation laid by Oliver Oestreich and to be working collaboratively with our experienced teams to drive innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth.”