Mauser Packaging partners with RIKUTEC for IBC production

Mauser Packaging Solutions and RIKUTEC PACKAGING, have entered into an exclusive partnership in line with the production and promotion of sustainable IBC solutions on a global scale.

This strategic alliance will add RIKUTEC PACKAGING IBC solutions to the Mauser Packaging Solutions product portfolio with both parties saying they are excited to launch a new, best-in class reusable and robust, heavy duty, 1,000-litre IBC.

Specifically designed for multi-trip usage and produced with recycled plastic materials, the new Mauser Poly IBC MT Series reduces the need for single-use packaging whilst fully meeting CO2 emission requirements, providing a new dimension to the circular economy strategies of their customers, according to the organisations.

“Mauser Packaging Solutions is excited about the partnership with RIKUTEC PACKAGING to bring their innovative IBC solutions to our customers,” said . Both companies are focused on providing leading edge sustainable product solutions that offer reduction of CO2 emissions to customers, and their product portfolio is a perfect addition to ours. Our mutual commitment to sustainability, digitalization, and providing customers with new multi-trip packaging solutions that safeguard their filling goods is a great combination,” said Michael Steubing, President International of Mauser Packaging Solutions.

“Together, Mauser Packaging Solutions and RIKUTEC PACKAGING are determined to make a real difference in the market. Mauser Packaging Solutions’ proven expertise and vast network will be instrumental in making the Mauser Poly IBC MT Series, specially designed for Mauser Packaging Solutions, a familiar sight around the world, paving the way for a more sustainable future with state-of-the-art multi-trip packaging solutions,” commented Bodo Richter, CEO & President of RIKUTEC Group.