Diamond Line stocks up NET2 service

Feeder and short sea carrier Diamond Line has enhanced its NET2 service loop, which was established in 2017, with standard Panamax vessels.

NET2 provides stable serving from the UK and Northwest Europe basis ports direct to the southern part of Turkey and levant countries in East Mediterranean, and to Adriatic and Black Sea countries via COSCO SHIPPING’s hub port of Piraeus.

The 280-metres-long Xin Xia Men arrived in Iskenderun, Turkey, on 18 April, to make her debut on the NET2 loop. With a size of 5,668 TEU nominal capacity, Xin Xia Men is the first of several vessels to be deployed by Diamond Line this year.

“Diamond Line is offering 21 services, calling 25 countries, and covering more than 65 ports. Last year, we opened a direct service from Turkey and Spain to Morocco (TSM), resulting in a notable increase in the local market’s import and export container volume. Now, with the enlargement of NET2’s carrying capacity, we have set the cornerstone for stocking up our fleet size in the next years to serve our customers’ increasing demand for capacities and first-class shipping services in Europe and North Africa,” said HU Hua, General Manager of Diamond Line GmbH.