Royal LC Packaging receives Platinum EcoVadis CSR Rating

Royal LC Packaging International B.V. (LC Packaging) has once again received a Platinum CSR rating from EcoVadis, scoring 84/100.

This achievement marks the fourth consecutive year that LC Packaging attained this prestigious Platinum rating. Despite the recent heightened criteria set by EcoVadis, LC Packaging has again proven its dedication to sustainability.

Four times in a row

Out of the 130,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis, LC Packaging secured its position among the top performers. This means it still belongs to the top 1% best-rated companies worldwide.

Each year, LC Packaging conducts the EcoVadis assessment to evaluate the quality of its policies, actions and reporting on various sustainability topics. This assessment helps gauge alignment with international standards and benchmark performances against industry peers.

EcoVadis x LC Packaging’s 2030 Ambition

EcoVadis believes that businesses can contribute to improving the current state of our environment. It has become a trusted partner of procurement departments of several multinationals and have a unique CSR assessment methodology and help companies become more sustainable through the adaption of more sustainable practices. This methodology is based on Sustainable Development Standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000.

LC Packaging said it has decided to embed sustainability into its core business and embrace its purpose: contribute to a world without waste. The company has identified three global issues that urgently need to be addressed and where it can make a major impact: working poverty, waste and pollution, and climate change.

These three issues have been translated into ambitious goals that should be achieved no later than 2030.