Girard adds new foot valve

Girard Equipment has added a new Hydraulic Tankflo valve to its evergrowing line of composite foot valves. The new valve features a hydraulic cylinder that actuates to full flow. The Tankflo valve employs an integrated butterfly valve into a bottom outlet valve body. The ‘slim-line’ valve poppet opens up and away from the discharge area allowing an unrestricted 3ins flow path capable of fast unloading rates. The built-in cleaning position exposes both sides of the valve
disc, allowing expeditious and easy cleaning. The new hydraulically actuated model features the most popular connection style in North America: the cam and groove outlet. With seals and O-Rings made from PTFE, the valve is suitable for operating temperatures between -40degC and 200degC. Other sealing materials are available on request.
Girard says the design promises to be durable as well as user-friendly.