Truck mounted static ground verification

Newson Gale has launched a truck mounted static ground verification system – the Earth-Rite MGV. The unit enhances safety during transfer of flammable or combustible materials.

API and NFPA guidelines recommend that bonding connections are tested to verify an adequately low resistance to earth/ground prior to starting up the recover/transfer process, however until now the equipment required to do this required specialist training and may not always have been suitable for safe use within the hazardous atmosphere, says Newson Gale.

The new truck mounted Earth-Rite MGV derives its power source from the vehicle battery, and uses certified ‘Intrinsically Safe’ monitoring techniques to verify not only a good bond to a valid ground point, but more importantly confirmation that the ground point to which it is attached represents a satisfactorily low resistance to true earth. The unit is simple to install and operate and provides confirmation of positive bonding and grounding to the operator by way of a bright flashing green LED cluster.