Sentinel puts safety on the radar

Reversing accounts for nearly one-in-four deaths involving vehicles at work. Working closely with transport operators Sentinel Systems has developed patented radar reversing safety systems that limits risk from legal claims for death or serious injury, or damage to property caused by reversing vehicles.

A radar sensor is fitted to the rear of the truck or trailer. When reverse gear is engaged this sensor searches for hazards.  If a hazard is detected the system automatically applies the brakes if the vehicle gets too close to the hazard. The full brake application is available via the parking brake airline or directly with the EBS system. A passive non-braking system is also available where a visual and audible warning is provided to the driver on detection of the hazard. This can be combined with the auto-braking system

Andrew Holder, Marketing Manager for Sentinel Systems says “It is easy for drivers to get distracted while reversing and accidents can occur. With this system if an obstacle is detected brakes are automatically applied and damage and serious injury are avoided. Transport Operators can save thousands on legal claims”

Over the past 20 years, over 3,000 vehicles have benefited from these radar auto-braking systems. Sentinel Systems Ltd an ISO 9001 registered company offers its own on-site installation service carried out by its own team of engineers. Alternatively training can be provided where customers carry out their own installation or maintenance.

Sentinel prides itself on working with clients to provide customised solutions. Sentinel clients includes major supermarket chains, haulage companies, members of the fuel industry and waste management contractors. The system has been installed on all types of commercial vehicles including tankers, trucks, trailers, refuse vehicles and road sweepers.