LNG tank offers ship fuelling solution

Hamburg-based marine consultancy Marine Service GmbH has unveiled what it says is the world’s first LNG fuel tank container.

Developed as a mobile LNG tank, the 40ft standard ISO tank is claimed to provide a reliable and safe solution for two of the main issues concerning the use of LNG as marine fuel: overcoming the limited availability of LNG due to lack of infrastructure, and the provision of a safe technical set-up for the retrofit and operation of existing fleets.

Worldwide LNG is considered as one of the most promising alternatives for the classic oil-fired diesel propulsion used in shipping – in particular following the introduction of harsher emission directives due in the next few years. But one of the key issues in moving towards more environmentally-friendly gas is the limited or sometimes non-existent infrastructure outside of certain regions like Scandinavia.

Until then, the LNG Fuel Tank Container is said to provide a practicable, technically safe and reliable alternative. It can be loaded aboard like every other IMDG container, leaving ships independent of the availability of sophisticated LNG bunker facilities. The tank’s construction allows stacking of filled containers up to six high.