Girard available in India

Pic Girard IM-44-flangeA newly-formed relationship between Girard Equipment and Amfico Agencies Private Limited means it is now possible to get Girard’s pressure relief vents and vacuum breakers in India.

Girard said Amfico has been working with tank containers for several decades and “offers the type of dedication to product authenticity and quality that Girard looks for in an authorised distributor”. Having won numerous accolades from shippers and consignees, Amfico is respected both in India and around the world as experts in cargo transportation. “Girard Equipment is happy to assist Amfico in their quest to distribute safe products for enhanced productivity,” the company added.

Offering stainless steel solutions for a variety of tank applications, including road, railcar and intermodal, Girard feels that this established product line will be of great benefit to Indian industries.

Contact at Amfico is Farhad K Cooper