Schoeller Allibert presents award-winning Smartleaf

gpca awardSchoeller Allibert presents award-winning Smartleaf® – future standard in customised plastic packaging solutions for petrochemical products and gets the famous GPCA Award 2013.

Based in Europe and represented globally in 50 countries, Schoeller Allibert is proud to present a bespoke new product targeted at petrochemical products suppliers specifically. Its latest product, Smartleaf®, has been designed to store petrochemical products and will be available in a returnable system. This week Smartleaf® received the Plastics Innovation Award 2013 – Excellence and Ideas in Plastics Conversion from the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association (GPCA), awarded in the category Sustainability of Plastic Products and Processes.

“The latest in cost-effective packaging solutions are two products designed to suit the very specific needs of petrochemical products suppliers: in a range of over 2000 packaging products, Schoeller Allibert now introduces Smartleaf®, a specific packaging unit complementing our existing plastic pallet Longleaf®” says a representative.

The 1300×1100 pallet sheet Longleaf® aims to successfully replace one-way wooden pallets used to store and transport petrochemical products. This brand-new and revolutionary system allows not only convenient relocation; it also provides a more efficient storage solution. In the development of this range of products, great emphasis was put on its returnable and reusable quality. Longleaf® products can be used over and over again.

Smartleaf® is the latest addition to the Schoeller Allibert product range. This nestable and stackable plastic storage solution can be easily combined with Longleaf® pallets, using a nesting tray. Clean, safe, secure, robust, these packaging units represent the best in the market. Smartleaf® packaging units are great space savers and can be more easily stored and transported. For example, a gain of 10 per cent on storage space is guaranteed in standard freight containers.