Spill trough on display

Modul 458
TWS has shipped a spill trough to the US which is being introduced to interested customers. For companies transporting or storing liquid products TWS says the spill troughs offer clear cost benefit compared with permanently installed safety equipment, either temporarily or in an emergency.

The custom-made mobile trough is constructed of stainless-steel, and designed for all common container sizes. It can be used at industrial settings for temporary storage as well as at transhipment terminals or production sites. Handling is easy provided a few precautions are observed, the tank container rental specialist adds. The ground where the tank container and the spill trough are to be stored must be level, even and suitable for supporting the total weight of a fully loaded container plus the spill trough. The necessary approvals of the authorities involved must be obtained. Corrosive liquids and dangerous goods can be stored if the approvals for the tank container and the spill trough are identical and conform to the quality of the stainless steel of both units involved. Storage with the restriction of ‘explosion protection’ is not allowed. The products have to be resistant to stainless steel according to the approvals. The specific gravity of any product carried is restricted to 1.2 per kg/cbm.

A video showing the handling of the spill trough can be viewed on the TWS website