Skangass trails the way for LNG

Skangass has started using a new LNG trailer. The unit delivered its first LNG consignment from the Skangass storage terminal in Lysekil, Sweden. The trailer is tailor-made for transporting this product and was manufactured by Cryolor in France.150409 ssab naturgas foto henrik hansson

It is the first of five such trailers that will operate between the Lysekil terminal and customer SSAB in Borlange, Sweden, a distance of 420km. The owner and operator, ScanTank Gass AB, will put the remaining trailers into service during spring 2015.

“We are very satisfied with ScanTank Gass’ choice of transport equipment for this particular customer. With this solution both the environmental footprint and operational safety are impressively improved, which is a step in the right direction for LNG distribution,” said Kenneth Olsen, technical and operations director at Skangass.

The trailers are designed to meet Swedish road regulations.


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