Operating quality hits Hupac

Swiss combined transport operator Hupac experienced a 1.3 percent decrease in transport movements during the first half of 2015. Strikes, construction work, accidents, and technical failures impacted the operating quality of the railway network, the group said.


Hupac carried a total of 335,295 road consignments in unaccompanied combined transport. The negative development was caused by a number of strikes in Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy, and traffic disruptions due to construction work and accidents. In transalpine transports through Switzerland, Hupac suffered a loss in volume of 2.7 percent compared to the prior year . A rail line in Austria had to be discontinued, which resulted in a 20.1 percent decrease in movements.

Once again Hupac achieved a 5.4 percent growth rate in non-transalpine transports, strengthening its position in markets in eastern, south-eastern and south-western Europe. Transport within Europe, such as the new connection between Cologne and Malmö, also contributed to this result.

Hupac expects the moderate demand for transport to continue for the rest of this year. The elements of uncertainty include declining fuel prices, which is favouring road shipments. In addition, Swiss providers of rail freight services are burdened by the continued strong Swiss currency compared with the euro.