Warrens take first consignment of Krone liners

Warrens Warehousing Group has taken delivery of its first consignment of Dry Liner box trailers from Krone which, says the company, will join its 200-strong European trailer fleet and carry bread and cake products for a number of leading supermarkets.

Manufactured in Herzlake, Germany, the Dry Liner is designed to work in both the UK and European markets: Its slim, 100mm neck affords additional load volume and with a fifth wheel height of 1,250 mm, a total height of 4,000 mm is achieved – which allows an internal height of 2,615 mm.

“We evaluated the Dry Liner against similar trailers and found it to be best in terms of strength, availability and overall value for money”, says Warrens’ Fleet Manager, Steve Parker. “Furthermore, the bodywork construction is accredited with code XL, which has now become widely accepted as a quality standard for trailer bodies throughout Europe. Add that to the 10-year anti-corrosion warranty and you get a trailer with excellent long life potential and high residual value. Basically, good for us and our customers in turn.”

Launched by Krone in the UK during 2015, the Dry Liner is fast becoming the default choice for operators across a number of transport sectors, owing to its build quality and load security, as Krone Sales Manager, Jason Chipchase explains: “The Dry Liner body construction allows a variety of cargos to be ‘form-fitted’ without the need for internal strapping. This saves turn-round time and ensures safe and secure loading.

“The sidewalls retain around 40% of the load, while the steel front bulkhead, which is lined with a tough phenolic guard plate, retains 50%. For additional load security and fitted as standard, there is full length, twin-track surface-mounted load restraint. The flush-fit steel, container-type rear doors are also designed for maximum security and feature a unique security protection for the locks. All-in-all, for UK, Ireland or Europe, this is a premium trailer, designed for versatility and strength but with affordability and low-cost-of-ownership in mind.”

Warrens was established in 1960 and is now a leading 3rd party UK logistics business, providing over ¼ million square foot of dedicated and shared user warehousing and distribution throughout the UK and continental Europe. The company operates upwards of 140 tractor units and a mixed trailer fleet including curtainsiders, dry freight boxes and double-deckers.