First PFA lined tank bottom valve system

Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, a manufacturer of PFA lined pump and valve solutions, is introducing a newly designed tank bottom valve system. The first to market ball-valve technology based PFA lined foot valve completed with the NKS-T lined butterfly valve and a new to market PFA lined 3” BSP outlet flange was displayed at the transport logistic exhibition in Munich at the start of the month.

Richter claim this is based on their proven technology, which reduces the total cost of ownership while increasing safety and efficiency for operators of tank containers. Richter’s ball-valve technology eliminates the possibility of damaging the internal coating with opening and closing of the valve which eventually leads to corrosion. Furthermore, the TE/F valve is equipped with up to 7 times thicker PFA coating, a material which delivers better performance on typical chemical resistance compared to current ECTFE solutions. Richter’s ball and butterfly valves have proven to last up to more than a decade in the most extreme conditions with real world examples of over 900,000 opening and closing cycles of the PFA/PTFE lined NK series butterfly valves not being uncommon.

The typical ‘emergency closing mechanism’ (steel wire) offers no option for the operators to open the ‘last line of defense’ outside the danger zone. With the safety of the operator in mind, Richter has replaced this ‘remote control’ with a robust stainless steel bar system for closing AND opening at a safe distance to ensure the operator will not be in harm’s way with either of these two procedures. The TE/F valve features Richter’s Labyrinth seal and ENVIPACK technology, which adds to the total concept of a robust design combined with great performance. The NKS-T Butterfly valve which is based on the successful NKS series of butterfly valves was developed to fit perfectly with the TE/F tank bottom valve. To complete the offering a new-to-market PFA lined 3” BSP flange with end cap was developed to assure total integrity of the system.

“The TE/F was developed out of a direct operator need across the Tank Container industry to reduce operating costs,” said Keshwar Anroedh, Director Marketing & Product Management at Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH. “We’re proud to supply the logistics industry with innovative solutions that will provide increased safety, along with better performance and increased lifetime,” he continued.

Richter’s TE/F Tank bottom valve and NKS-T Butterfly valve are available in DN80 (3”) and are well-suited for lined tank containers transporting corrosive or high purity media.