VTTI and Höegh LNG plant to develop terminal

VTTI and Höegh LNG are investigating the possibility of developing the Zeeland Energy Terminal.

The terminal consists of a so-called Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU vessel) and related infrastructure.

This means that there will be a special vessel on the water where liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be temporarily stored and then regasified.

This vessel will be permanently moored to a jetty and connected to pipelines to bring the natural gas ashore. The intended location of the terminal is near Vlissingen, Zeeland.

There are currently two LNG import terminals in the Netherlands.

These are located at Maasvlakte, Rotterdam and at Eemshaven, Groningen. Both terminals are operated by other parties.
With the construction of a new LNG import terminal near Vlissingen, VTTI and Höegh LNG want to improve the various ways and security of supply of energy in the Netherlands, as well as eventually play a pioneering role in the transition to clean energy carriers, such as hydrogen and ammonia.

This project fulfills the energy needs of today and builds the bridge to a clean and sustainable energy supply for future generations.