Dragon explores LNG integration processes

Dragon LNG has made moves towards sustainable energy solutions.

The company has given a contract to Worley, a global professional services company with expertise in energy, chemicals, and resources, to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study.

The study aims to explore the potential benefits of integrating LNG regasification and CO2 liquefaction processes at Dragon LNG’s facilities.

If feasible, the technology at Dragon would support broader collaboration with RWE Pembroke Net Zero Centre, facilitating the processing and transport of CO2 for carbon sequestration.

Key aspects of the feasibility study include evaluating technical solutions to seamlessly integrate LNG and CO2 liquefaction processes, reducing carbon intensity, and assessing economic viability.

A spokesperson for Dragon LNG said: “We are excited to collaborate with Worley on this important initiative. As a responsible energy provider, Dragon LNG is continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance our operations while minimising our environmental footprint.”