Van den Bosch unveils E-truck

Van den Bosch has festively taken the Renault E-tech T into use.

By welcoming this electric truck, the logistics provider is taking the next step into sustainable fleet management. “With this e-truck we are entering a new phase in the field of sustainable logistics” says Van den Bosch CEO Rico Daandels.

The Renault E-tech T runs on six batteries and has a range of up to five hundred kilometres. “That makes the e-truck ideal for regional transport operations. This is why the truck is used to make logistics operations on and around a production site even more sustainable,” Daandels said.

Leader in sustainability

Van den Bosch sets the bar high when it comes to sustainability. “As ‘The Supply Changer in Bulk’, we aim for sustainable change in the sector,” Daandels continued. “We are taking the lead in making bulk logistics more sustainable together with our partners. It’s our ambition to become a leader in sustainability in our industry by 2030.”

Minimising CO2 emission

Van den Bosch is providing the e-truck exclusively for Mars. This marks the next step in the partners’ long-standing cooperation, in which sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. “We are very happy with this electric truck. This is also completely in line with Mars’ sustainability ambition, where we want to work together with our partners,” says Bart Hermans, Logistics Manager at Mars.

Sustainable transition

Van den Bosch has initiated a sustainable transition over the past decade. No less than 90% of transports are now intermodal (a combination of road, water and/or rail transport). That saves a considerable amount of CO2 every day. “But sustainability is not to be found in intermodal transport alone,” Daandels states. “Road transport is and will remain indispensable. Therefore, the challenge is to organise it as sustainably as possible.”