New members for @tco

The board of the Asian Tank Container Organisation (@tco) have announced the acceptance of two new members into the organisation. Both companies are focused on the expansion of the tank container use in Asia, said @tco president Reg Lee.

Groninger Asia Pte Ltd is a transport equipment cleaning firm headquartered in the Netherlands, but having opened an office on Singapore last year. The firm is represented in @tco by Lindsey Wallace, Director, Asia operations.

The other new member is Lang Fang BIP Valves Manufacturing Co Ltd, which manufactures tank container components and is an associate of Perolo. Lang Fang is represented at @tco by Yann Francioli, Asia general manager.

Reginald Lee commented: “I would like to welcome both companies as new members of @tco and look forward to working with them to ensure the safe handling of tank containers in the fast growing Asia market.”