PINPOOLS GmbH and to integrate platform functionalities.

Digitalization is taking over the chemical and logistics industry.

German based PINPOOLS GmbH and Dutch based (TCF), both founded in 2017, have created digital platforms to improve the business of chemicals and tank containers. TCF operates as a logistical matchmaker for tank containers, while PINPOOLS offers a marketplace for chemical suppliers and buyers across Europe. These two companies are about to bring certain levels of their functionalities together as a platform collaboration.

Traditional purchasing processes are transforming due to new digital opportunities, which gives access to more time‐effective solutions. The focus of TCF is on empowering transparency, visibility and collaboration within the supply chain to create digitally optimized processes and ecosystems. PINPOOLS GmbH offers neutral and transparent auctions on their platform, which decreases operational costs for buyers and provides a new digital sales channel for suppliers.

Users can save time and money by using TCF’s and PINPOOLS’ services. TCF offers the platform for free for searchers, who post a request with required information and afterwards compare offers. The suppliers – either operator, forwarder or leasing companies – have an annual plan. PINPOOLS allows the use of the marketplace free of charge for purchasers to find chemical suppliers to provide quotations. PINPOOLS offers monthly fixed fees including a one‐month free trial.

Sustainability plays an important role in the logistics and chemical industry. TCF seeks sustainability by offering its service so users can reduce empty repositioning and optimize liquid bulk logistics.

In chemicals, existing challenges are related to hazardous chemicals and surplus of chemical products, where PINPOOLS Marketplace offers a solution for both suppliers and purchasers.