Schütz and Bayern-Fass expand partnership

Schütz and Bayern-Fass are again expanding their partnership as Schütz is acquiring a minority stake in Bayern-Fass. Their shared goal is to further advance the closed loop economy model and increase the level of service and quality yet again – all in line with the philosophy of sustainability.

Schuetz Bayern-Fass partnership

Bayern-Fass’ close partnership with Schütz was founded in 2015, when Bayern-Fass became the first independent specialist company to be accepted into the Recobulk partner programme set up by the globally operating manufacturer of industrial packaging.

Bayern-Fass adopted Schütz’s globally uniform process standards. As a result, the Schütz IBCs reconditioned by Bayern-Fass fully comply with Schütz Recobulk containers in terms of quality, safety and conformity.

Closed loop economy

With around 300 employees and four locations in Germany, the long-established company is now one of the leading reconditioners in Europe.

“We are very pleased to be taking this logical next step, building on our many years of close cooperation,” said Roland Straßburger, CEO at Schütz, “Acquiring this stake is another very important building block in our long-term strategy of continually expanding the closed loop economy model.”

Johann Eigner, owner of the Bayern-Fass Group, added: “We look back on a cooperation that has been exceptionally positive, and are proud that Schütz is now entering into an even closer relationship with Bayern-Fass. Our customers will benefit from this as we will be able to take our performance to the next level and support them with even more comprehensive solutions for the reconditioning and recycling of industrial packaging.”