Bertschi secures prestigious award at Prix SVC Nordschweiz 2023

Bertschi Group has been awarded the prestigious Prix SVC Nordschweiz 2023, a testament to the company’s efforts in sustainability and safety within the logistics industry.

Headquartered in Dürrenäsch, in the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, Bertschi Group secured the top position among the highly competitive field of nominees from all sectors of the economy, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in innovation and environmental responsibility in chemical logistics. Bertschi specialises in providing intermodal services tailored for the chemical industry.

Bertschi has long been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, particularly in its dedication to reducing carbon emissions.
Through the environmentally friendly transportation of goods by rail, the company annually saves over 200,000 tons of CO2e emissions compared to conventional road transport. This significant achievement is equivalent to a car traveling 1.2 billion kilometers or circumnavigating the Earth 30,000 times.

Robin Wasser, jury and organising committee member, said: “The Bertschi Group has distinguished itself over the last 60 years through tremendous pioneering achievements.

“What impressed the jury particularly is that despite its successes, Bertschi has always remained true to itself and has never forgotten its roots.”

Bertschi’s legacy of innovation includes being the first company, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), to load trucks onto trains, laying the foundation for combined freight transport in Europe.

A great current highlight is the inauguration of the Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub in the Yangtze River Delta in China earlier this year, a comprehensive hub for chemical logistics.