Royal Den Hartogh Logistics expands fleet

Royal Den Hartogh Logistics is to expand its fleet with 11 new DAF XG trucks. 
DAF XG trucks are known for their low fuel consumption, which will help Den Hartogh attain its sustainability target, which is to realise a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2025.
The new trucks will constitute a good expansion of our existing fleet, consisting of more than 600 company-owned Volvo and MAN trucks.
The new-generation DAF XG trucks meet all the major challenges of our time, in that they will help us fight climate change, reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, protect vulnerable road users and provide great driver comfort.
For instance, DAF XG trucks comply with the latest EU regulations governing the size and dimensions of trucks, making them perfect for long-haul truck drivers. The environment-friendly DAF XG trucks have the longest cabin in the market, for maximum safety and driver comfort.
“Our decision to invest in this new generation of DAF XG trucks is inspired by our sustainability ambitions. Next to that, we always want to ensure that our drivers are safe and comfortable,” said Joep Aerts, Den Hartogh’s business unit director Liquid Logistics.
“The new Den Hartogh trucks will be delivered in instalments, and will be used for long-distance transport in Germany and Poland. This is where they will be used to their greatest advantage.”