Volvo Trucks starts selling electric trucks in Malaysia

Volvo Trucks has now started sales of heavy battery electric trucks in Malaysia, making it the first manufacturer to offer zero exhaust emission trucks in this market.

Volvo Trucks is continuing its entry into new markets with its battery electric truck offering.

Malaysia is the latest example, where the logistics company Swift Haulage Berhad has purchased two Volvo FM Electric trucks.

Malaysia has a national plan to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and electrifying road transports is one important measure to reach this target.

“I’m happy to announce that we are now selling heavy electric trucks in Malaysia,” said Anthony O’Connell, managing director for Volvo Trucks in Malaysia.

“With our 21% share of the heavy truck market, we have an important role to play in lowering the transport sector’s CO2 emissions. Our trucks will help reduce climate impact, while also enhancing safety for road users and creating a better working environment for drivers. We are proud to be working with Swift Haulage Berhad, who are pioneer adopters of electric trucks in Malaysia.”

Loo Yong Hui, chief executive officer at Swift Haulage Berhad Group, said: “Sustainability is and has always been a top priority for Swift. I am proud to announce that Swift will be the first haulage company in Malaysia to acquire and incorporate electric trucks into our fleet. We believe this technology will revolutionise the industry, and we are excited to leading the way towards a brighter, more efficient, and greener future. Looking forward, we are committed to converting the majority of our fleet to EVs by 2030.”